NFL Reportedly Wants To Work With Players Union On Marijuana Study

NFL Reportedly Wants To Work With Players Union On Marijuana Study

This is what was reported by the newspaper "Washington Post", stating that the leaders of the circuit, have written to the players Association of the National Football League to work on the folder. Between the league's reliance on dangerously addictive prescription painkillers and its unreasonably harsh penalties for players who use cannabis, either medicinally or recreationally, the most popular sports entity in America has a significant amount of progress to make on cannabis.

As a separate issue, the NFLPA is carrying out research that looks particularly at how marijuana use can help players with traumatic brain injuries. Ex-NFL players have spoken up about the need for players to have access to the plant in particular as an alternative to unsafe prescription opioids that kill thousands of people every year.

The NFL now suspends players who test positive for the drug and modified the threshold for a positive test for marijuana.

The union has not delivered its proposal regarding a less punitive approach to marijuana use by players to the league since Smith's comments earlier this year, according to multiple people close to the situation. "Because I've read the literature on both sides", he continued. There's people who would love to have an extension. Players face possible suspensions if they test positive. Do I expect in the near future we are going to be presenting something to our board on the first issue? And that's reason precisely that he and the league are open to negotiating with the Players' Association on it.

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During 2014, the League and Players Association made some modifications regarding the marijuana drug policy.

As he alluded to in that statement, the issue is seen as one that is not likely to be resolved outside of the collective bargaining process.

Stephen Jones, a Dallas Cowboys executive and a son of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, said last weekend at the team's training camp in Oxnard, Calif., that it is hard to determine whether such issues should be bargained separately or negotiated only within the context of a potential CBA extension. "I think it's a debated question". And it's not as simple as someone just wants to feel better after a game. As things move forward, the medicinal benefits become clearer and more people suffering with debilitating conditions across the country can find relief.

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