Liam Payne 'upset Cheryl is watching love rival on Celebrity Big Brother'

Liam Payne 'upset Cheryl is watching love rival on Celebrity Big Brother'

In a venomous YouTube video entitled "F**K CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER" - in which she also attacked Sarah Harding, the 29-year-old voiced her disgust at Paul's comments.

"I have so much f***ing information and insight on her but I could... the s*** they do in that house is as shady as f*** and it would not fly in America", she said, calling her a "little c*** a** b***".

"While Chad does it, and every single girl does bikinis".

And now, after American YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas walked out of the house on Friday night, the web star slammed the musician and show bosses for making special allowances. In the first video she expressed remorse for leaving, and felt like she let down her fans who had voted to save her.

'Basically body-shaming me. Saying I walk and I have my ass hanging out and I walk around with my legs showing'.

Trish continued: "He also bashed me saying, 'Who's Trish?" Online? I don't trust online'. She nearly got voted off twice, but then made a decision to walk away from the show herself Friday. "You have 3,000 people on Instagram".

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"I think Chad and Sarah are just friends... although Chad's a guy and I know how guys think, but he is a very nice gentleman and she is a very nice lady".

"It just completely hangs out".

Trisha has been on a roll since deciding to leave, after labelling Sarah as "trash".

Earlier in the week, she won over some viewers, with many already naming her as their victor on social media, after standing up to fiery model Jemma Lucy and actor Paul Danan when they appeared to be ganging up on her.

And a third said: "I'm still confused as to why Paul nominated Trisha because she's confident in her body???"

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