Uproar Over Omarosa Manigault-Newman at Black Journalists Convention

Uproar Over Omarosa Manigault-Newman at Black Journalists Convention

"Walking into a room where you get shut down does not open a line of communication so change can happen".

The panel made news before it even started, according to Page 6, which reported that Nikole Hannah-Jones of the New York Times and Jelani Cobb of the New Yorker refused to take part in the panel after they were informed they'd be on stage with Manigault-Newman.

Keeping up with her reputation for awkward encounters, Manigault-Newman apparently uttered "Google me", when taken to task on her actual position in the administration.

Manigault-Newman could not say what, if anything, she had done to address these issues within the administration, but continuously defended her role as a convener.

She added, "When you try to kill me and my career because you want to advance yourself, because you are now making money after not making money from selling cellphones, and now you're making $180,000 a year, good for you".

The argument erupted when Gordon, who was moderating the panel, repeatedly trashed President Trump and got snarky with Manigault. Manigault-Newman said she could not "disclose confidential conversations with the president", which elicited sighing and snickering in the crowd, though Manigault-Newman said she thought it was wrong for Trump to make those comments. "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu".

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"You immediately go to Donald Trump!". It began innocuously enough-Manigault spoke about the brother and father she lost to gun violence, similar to Castile and Sterling, whose relatives were killed by police. "Honestly it was a total mess but one that accurately shows the divide between the mindsets of the African American community in this country today", she said.

When Gordon turned to the topic of Trump, Manigault-Newman objected.

He asked whether Trump's remarks on arresting suspects were appropriate, and she brusquely said no, and tried to change the subject. And many are asking how the conference organizers didn't see this coming, for several black journalists turned their back on Omarosa while she appeared onstage.

"We have reached the point of diminished returns", Gordon, the moderator said to the audience.

"I'm not going to stand here and defend everything about Donald Trump", she said, to loud sighs in the audience.

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