Montana wildfires grow close to 1 million acres

Up in the upper levels of the atmosphere, winds are coming out of the northwest, bringing the smoke from Montana, down here.

The 2017 fire season in Montana has been devastating for many people and communities, and as of September 6, more than one million acres of land has burned. People living in Missoula took to social media expressing their concerns of the smoky conditions. "Local, state and federal partners are working together to ensure we are and will continue to use every available resource to fight these fires", he said.

To the southeast, the Sartin Draw fire grew slightly from more than 91,000 acres to almost 100,000 acres by Sunday evening. 700 crews from around the country are vigilantly fighting that blaze according to fire information officer Mark Vosburgh.

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The smoke has moved into all of SW Montana at the 1 o'clock hour causing some very unhealthy air quality and poor visibility.

This can create some health issues for those at risk, like people with heart and lung diseases, the elderly, and even children. It is recommended that everyone should limit their outdoor exertions while the air quality is this bad.

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