Years from the Attacks on the Twin Towers in NY

Years from the Attacks on the Twin Towers in NY

On September 11, 2001, four coordinated terrorist attacks against the United States forever changed the course of history.

The US President - then just a billionaire businessman - was interviewed by TV reporters just hours after al-Qaeda terrorists flew passenger planes into the World Trade Center. The attacks claimed the lives of 2,996 people, including the 19 terrorists.

On Sept. 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked and crashed into prominent United States landmarks, most notably the north and south towers at the World Trade Centre in NY.

The ceremony will pause at six moments - twice to mark the times that each plane hit the towers, twice to mark the time when each tower fell and to mark the moments of the attacks on the Pentagon and on Flight 93.

GettyThe al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out the attacks.

Tell us, where were you on the day of the 9/11 attacks?

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A third plane, American Airlines Flight 77, was crashed into the Pentagon (the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense) in Arlington County, Virginia, leading to a partial collapse of the building's western side.

A man runs from a cloud of smoke.

Almost 3,000 people were killed on that day in 2001, 343 of which were New York City firefighters, and 23 NYPD officers.

GettyPeople stand and watch fire consume the World Trade Center towers.

An estimated loss of $123 billion was incurred as the twin towers collapsed and it took $60 billion to undo the damage that had been caused from the collapse of the towers to the nearby buildings and subway facilities.

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