UN Security Council approves new North Korea sanctions

UN Security Council approves new North Korea sanctions

President Trump on Tuesday lauded the United Nations Security Council for unanimously approving new sanctions against North Korea, but he questioned whether they will have "any impact" on its nuclear program.

Keeping this and its other nuclear programmes in mind, the United Nations Security Council on Monday imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang.

They have proposed a freeze-for-freeze which would halt North Korean nuclear and missile tests in exchange for the US and South Korea stopping their joint military exercises - something the Trump administration has rejected as a false equivalence.

Before the draft resolution was put to a vote Monday, China and the USA reportedly renegotiated the document, softening the blow in certain places.

Trump told reporters at the start of a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak that he was pleased Malaysia no longer did business with North Korea, before adding that he had just discussed the United Nations vote with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"We think it's just another very small step - not a big deal", Trump said as he met with Malaysia's prime minister at the White House.

The world will witness how the DPRK tames the USA gangsters by taking series of action tougher than they have ever envisaged.

The Justice Department and Treasury Department were reportedly motivated by Pyongyang's increased trade with Moscow when it blacklisted four Russian citizens and one Russian company in August.

"So we have to basically cut the North Koreans off economically, diplomatically and financially", the expert said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping had invited Trump to visit China during their meeting in April in Palm Beach, Florida.

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"My delegation condemns in the strongest terms and categorically rejects the latest illegal and unlawful U.N. Security Council resolution", North Korean Ambassador Han Tae Song told the U.N. -sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) is "ready to use a form of ultimate means", said Han without elaborating.

The DPRK has developed and perfected the super-powerful thermo-nuclear weapon as a means to deter the ever-increasing hostile moves and nuclear threat of the USA and defuse the danger of nuclear war looming over the Korean peninsula and the region.

It also bans joint ventures with North Korean entities, except for nonprofit public utility infrastructure projects, and prohibits countries from bringing in new North Korean workers.

The new sanctions ban 90 percent of North Korea's publicly-reported exports and cap the amount of oil the country is able to import, according to a US official familiar with the negotiations.

"The US should implement its proposal for inspections of North Korea-related vessels, including boarding on the high seas, through the creation of a group of like-minded countries (South Korea, Japan, Australia, UK, France and Germany) committed to reducing North Korea's revenue and prohibited activities", he said.

The Post cites USA court documents that describe a web of "front companies" formed by Russian citizens to specifically hide deals with North Korea. The report estimated North Korea may have enough in reserve to supply its military for a year of normal operations or a month at a wartime pace.

"Today we are saying the world will never accept a nuclear armed North Korea", Haley said. If North Korea continues its unsafe path, we will continue with further pressure.

North Korea's embassy in Lima declined comment. Chinese envoy Liu Jieyi said that the United States must not try and change the situation by using military force and that "China will continue to advance dialogue", reported the New York Times.

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