Jane Austen Just Bumped Darwin Off the UK's £10 Bill

Jane Austen Just Bumped Darwin Off the UK's £10 Bill

The new £10 will be printed on polymer, "making it safer, stronger and cleaner", the BoE said.

It says it has been working with the manufacturers of cash handling machines to help improve readiness, but machines have to be updated to cope with the introduction of any new banknote and in some places this may not have happened yet. He added, "Austen's novels have a universal appeal and speak as powerfully today as they did when they were first published".

The Queen will be presented with the first tenner- with serial number AA01 000001 - while Prince Philip will be given the second and Theresa May the third.

The banknotes, which commemorate one of Britain's most celebrated authors, will gradually replace the old Charles Darwin paper notes.

While the new note will be in circulation from today, the old £10 won't disappear until Spring 2018. The transition to polymer sparked controversy after the Bank confirmed that an "extremely small amount" of tallow, or animal fat, was used in the production of the notes. A new £20 note featuring artist JMW Turner is set to follow in 2020.

According to ChangeChecker.com, which tracks valuations for notes and coins, in the case of the Jane Austen £10 these include 16 121775 and 18 071817, which are the author's date of birth and death, 17 751817, which is Jane Austen's birth and death year combined.

The paper £5 note has already been consigned to museums, falling out of circulation in May without major upheaval.

Jane Austen Just Bumped Darwin Off the UK's £10 Bill

The new polymer £10 notes feature an image of author Jane Austen, as well as a quote from her best-known work, Pride and Prejudice - "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!"

After the bank issued polymer fivers a year ago one vegan restaurant in Cambridge refused to accept the new notes.

Look on the same side as Jane Austen's face for the code.

But don't worry about that too much just yet, because the bank of England will give a three-month notice of the date, so we can all rush out and panic-spend our hard-earned paper notes in Wetherspoons in good time. A metallic picture of Winchester Cathedral is also printed over the window, but is gold on the front of the note and silver on the back.

The Bank of England eventually concluded that it was entirely reasonable for half the population to be represented, and Jane Austen duly found her way onto the new note.

In addition, there is a hologram which contains the word "Ten" and changes to "Pounds" when the note is tilted, and a book-shaped copper foil patch which contains the letters JA.

Ultraviolet light also plays a part in the security masterplan; when the note is placed under the light a number 10 at the top of the note becomes visible.

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