Heat and humidity return; tropics get busier again — FIRST ALERT FORECAST

Heat and humidity return; tropics get busier again — FIRST ALERT FORECAST

As of Friday morning, Jose had maximum sustained winds of 70 miles per hour.

Neither storm is predicted to become a hurricane in the next five days.

"The NHC forecast calls for gradual intensification during the next 3 days".

Only 10-20% of the models show Jose landing on the East Coast, Duffey said.

Meanwhile, Florida is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

This would occur if Jose fails to get swept up as quickly by the non-tropical system.

In a pocket of weak steering winds in the open Atlantic, Jose is expected to make a clockwise loop.

But the BWS warned that the storm may move closer after this time. Those models show the storm reaching areas between SC and Canada.

Heat and humidity return; tropics get busier again — FIRST ALERT FORECAST

Some computer models have Jose going straight for Boston after passing this region.

After that, it's possible that Jose could swipe the coast of New England or Canada on its northward journey, but the track is far less certain after Monday.

The coast will see some higher surf, risky rip currents and possiblly some rain Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Thankfully, Hurricane Jose doesn't pose a great threat at this time. A Category 1 hurricane starts at 74 miles per hour.

New York City is in the so-called "cone of uncertainty" for Jose - and could be impacted by the tropical storm next week, according to a recent projection from the National Weather Service. Only three days earlier, Antigua and Barbuda had been devastated by a peak-strength Category 5 Irma, packing 185-mph winds.

The NHC's latest update for Jose said a hurricane hunter plane is en route to find out if Jose has become a hurricane again. If history is a guide, more will be on the way.

While we are not now anticipating those being an issue to the Gulf of Mexico, it is important to remember we are still in the peak of hurricane season and that the season doesn't end until November 30. But hurricanes into November and even December are not unheard of. Hurricane Jose, TS Lee, and probably Hurricane Maria.

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