Simran Movie First Day Collections-Kangana Ranaut's Film Box Office Prediction

Simran Movie First Day Collections-Kangana Ranaut's Film Box Office Prediction

Praful Patel (Kangana Ranaut) a 30-year-old divorcee has every possible annoyance in her life. It's the first time Kangana is collaborating with Hansal Mehta who has directed some critically acclaimed films Shahid, CityLights and Aligargh.

Though impressive, the trailers reminded us of her coming of age, free spirited Rani in Queen (2014). Of course, the phrase "traditionally a man's job" is anathema to Kangana Ranaut and the defiant characters she plays, which is why Simran - a story based on a real-life female bank robber - sounds tailored for the actress. Or that she is saving up for her own house. Her idea of becoming more independent by moving out of her father's house does not have her father's approval. Her parents are not happy that she is divorced.

A visit to Las Vegas with a cousin changes her life forever. Before she knows what hit her though, she is on a losing streak and then deeply in debt. The pixie cut hairstyle in her natural curls makes the character of Simran played by Kangana Ranaut look uber chic and modern. She said the Simran actor never approached the Commission and her remarks on TV show "Aap Ki Adalat" some days back were false and misleading. Sandeep's moniker was Bombshell Bandit, Praful goes by Lipstick Bandit.

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She pulled off the first heist at the Bank of the West in Valencia, Calif., where BBC reports that she had risked her life and liberty for little more than $21,200. The character as well as her performance lack that magic, sadly. Before you can say James Bond, she loses everything she had in the world. Sure, her character's English improves and worsens inconsistently, but Ranaut makes it work, especially in brilliant moments like when, about to confess to her crimes, she compares the feeling to that of losing control of her bowels. A man who has planned his life meticulously, is supremely fond of cheesy one liners, and frankly too naive. Kangana certainly has set up a precedent which her colleagues and juniors would certainly relish and try to imitate at other times. Well, that is what the actor says about his clash this week - his film Lucknow Central with the Kangana Ranaut starrer Simran. The amusing, bold yet kind Praful Patel knows what she wants from her life and is ready to take up any path to achieve what she desires. She doesn't fear rejection from the opposite sex and that comes from a space of self-respect, self-love and confidence.

The manner in which Praful has done the bank robberies are just "unbelievable". She plots, prepares and schemes! It's not like they became 300-crore films and I regret it, they were always 300 crore on paper also. Even when robbing banks, she blows a kiss to a cashier and offers water to another who suffers an asthma attack triggered by panic.

Simran opens well, with Ranaut's character Praful Patel cleaning a hotel room. The actress once again has chosen a quirky, bold role, and done justice to it.

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