Defense Secretary Mattis to visit Offutt Air Force Base

Defense Secretary Mattis to visit Offutt Air Force Base

Developed during the Cold War as part of the U.S. The third way to deliver nuclear weapons is by Navy submarine.

Minot is the only base in the United States that has both land-based missiles and strategic bombers.

At Minot, Mattis toured a missile alert facility used to control ICBMs and a storage area where airmen maintain ICBM warheads.

"I can not solve the deterrent problem reducing it from a triad", he added, referring to the delivery of nuclear weapons by land, sea and air. But he told reporters flying with him that his view has changed. At the command, Mattis was expected to receive classified briefings on US assessments of the North's sixth nuclear test on September 3, which may have been a hydrogen bomb.

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While at the base, Mattis will discuss USSTRATCOM's role in 21st century strategic deterrence with U.S. Air Force Gen. Hyten, commander USSTRATCOM, and senior leaders from the command.

The nuclear triad is the multi-tiered system that employs land-based nuclear missile silos, airborne nuclear-capable aircraft, and seaborne ballistic missile submarines to provide the US military with strike capabilities anywhere in the world on short notice. The trip was labeled as a "three-day nuclear-focused trip that comes during ongoing reviews of the USA nuclear posture and ballistic missile defense".

The trip focusing on the US nuclear arsenal comes after North Korea carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date.

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