"'Pretty in Pink" actor Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91

He was a great actor (actually beyond) - and a great human being - so great to be around him!

Variety reports that the actor passed away from natural causes earlier today in Los Angeles. "There's nobody like Harry Dean", Lynch said Friday evening, joining a chorus of praise for the actor. His name is Blind Dick Reilly, and he's the head of the gang.

Stanton played a man reconnecting with his family after being presumably lost for four years, and earned critical attention immediately. "I don't want to deal with any consciousness afterward". "That became my whole approach". The two later worked together on four other movies, including Anger Management in 2003.

HARRY Dean Stanton, known for his roles in the Godfather II, Alien and The Green Mile, has died aged 91. The movie won awards, and Stanton's performance was lauded. He could sing and play country songs on guitar. Years later, he portrayed an Ozark musician in Chrystal (2004).

A versatile utility player who could be plugged into nearly any scene and give it instant authenticity, heart and humor, Stanton was sought-after for supporting roles until the very last days of his life.

Stanton had a niche for playing odd character, which the eye of director David Lynch. The omnipresent cigarette dangling from his lips helped with that.

Ebert later conceded that "Dream A Little Dream Of Me", a 1989 film starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman that featured Stanton as a philosophical neighbor was a clear exception. "If I never did another film after Paris, Texas, I'd be happy".

For quite a long time Stanton lived in a little, rumpled house neglecting the San Fernando Valley, and was an apparatus at the West Hollywood point of interest Dan Tana's. This film offered Stanton a rare moment to be a leading man. Lynch paid tribute to the actor on Friday, posting a photo of his pal on the Twin Peaks: The Return set and writing: "The great Harry Dean Stanton has left us. He definitely does not want to be seen to be trying".

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After decades in the trenches of the industry, Stanton emerged from obscurity as a testament to how the hard work and resilience of an artist could mold something versatile and spellbinding in front of a camera.

Born in Kentucky in 1926, Harry Dean Stanton served in the US Navy during World War II and afterwards moved to California to try for an acting career.

A statement from @DAVID_LYNCH on the passing of the great Harry Dean Stanton.

Stanton attended Lafayette High School in Lexington and the University of Kentucky, where he performed at the Guignol Theatre and studied journalism and radio arts. It was just the beginning of a run in the 1980s when Stanton would take more prominent roles in some staple films of the 1980s. His first credited on screen appearance was in 1954, in the series Inner Sanctum.

Most recently, Stanton appeared on the revival of Twin Peaks this past summer. He starred in the cult classic "Repo Man" and played a hard-to-love father in "Pretty in Pink". Those eager to delve into more of Stanton's work, however, will be able to catch him in Lucky, which will hit theaters on September 29.

He said he could have been a director himself but "it was too much work". Asked how he wanted to be remembered, his answer was, "Doesn't matter". "I thought if I could be an actor, I could do all of it", the Twin Peaks actor said during one of his interviews for the documentary, Harry Dean Stanton: Crossing Mulholland.

Stanton said his religious philosophy was "closer to Taoism or Zen Buddism, because it's the most practical".

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