Apple is working with LG Display on a foldable iPhone for 2020

Apple is working with LG Display on a foldable iPhone for 2020

Going be a recent report by The Investor citing industry sources, Apple is likely prepping a foldable iPhone in collaboration with LG Display.

As everyone already knows, iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 which are the world's most powerful and popular smartphones ship with bezel less displays. A new report from the Investor claims that Apple has chosen LG to manufacture future foldable displays for them.

Whatsmore, the sister company LG Innotek is working to create a rigid flexible circuit board for the future smartphone, the report says.

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Samsung has not yet made any moves to commercialize the flexible OLED displays, however, which may be why Apple knocked on the doors of a different smartphone company: LG.

Apple is said to be speeding up the production process of the folding screens by investing in the construction of a new LG Display manufacturing facility, called E6. If that's true, it could mean that Apple's foldable iPhone won't be out until after Samsung releases its first foldable smartphone, which is supposedly slated for release next year. This design change is actually what forced Apple to develop this new facial recognition software since it didn't have any extra place where to equip a fingerprint scanner. The report claims Apple isn't planning to put a bending handset into production until 2020.

Should LG eventually lose the display gig to Samsung, its iPhone-based coffers won't swell to significantly. However, let's not forget that we've been hearing rumors of foldable phones for quite some time, and there's no sign that one will be ready for consumers any time soon, let alone only three years from now. Apple typically kickstarts new iPhone projects at least a year before launch, sharing key features like the screen with suppliers. The company is now supplying its first batch of its foldable panels to few Chinese handset makers as well as to its parent company.

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