Google to integrate Duo App to Android by default

Google to integrate Duo App to Android by default

Primarily, Google's video calling app Duo will be the main app that will make video call to anyone with the app installed.

"You can now start a video call directly from where you call or text message your friends, through your Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps". With ViLTE (Video Over LTE), users can immediately switch to Video call even while in between a normal voice call. Starting today, on certain Android handsets, a trio of apps will allow users to make video calls using Duo.

Google will start rolling out the integrated video calling feature to its Nexus, Android One and Pixel devices, including the recently-launched Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, before expanding to other handsets.

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From within the phone app, you'll be able to initiate a video call from the call history or search. As the flagship devices from the creator of the platform we know and love, the new Google phones are highly anticipated products.

What does that mean for Android users? If the carrier or phone does not support ViLTE, the calls will be routed via Duo App itself. Thankfully, Google's carrier partner Verizon is offering just that.

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