Israeli Spies Found Russia Hacking with Kaspersky

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky software as a sort of Google search to find sensitive data stored by USA government agencies and others.

Cybersecurity experts found Russian spies using a modified version of CCleaner to penetrate computer systems belonging to government officials, including employees at the National Security Agency, The New York Times said. This led to the decision last month for Kaspersky software removed from government computers by Washington. Thus, the Russian government turned "Kaspersky antivirus" tool for espionage, the article says The Wall Street Journal.

The Post reported, The U.S. National Intelligence Council produced a classified report which was disclosed to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies concluding that Russia's FSB intelligence service had access to Kaspersky.

It is not yet publicly known what other US secrets the Russian hackers may have discovered by turning the Kaspersky software into a sort of Google search for sensitive information, the Times said.

Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) said it has no evidence to support allegations Russian Federation had used antivirus software made by Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab to spy on the United States.

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"The BSI has no indications at this time that the process occurred as described in the media".

Kaspersky Lab has denied any vulnerability to government influence.

Kaspersky Lab is denying media reports that the company's anti-virus software was used to look for secret documents in the United States and is asking for evidence of such claims, a company spokesperson told Sputnik on Thursday.

USA intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a multipronged digital influence operation past year in an attempt to help Donald Trump win the White House, a charge Moscow denies.

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