Oculus For Business goes after the same ground as HTC Vive

Oculus For Business goes after the same ground as HTC Vive

Although Oculus Gear VR headsets are practically handed out with Samsung smartphones, the company's more expensive Oculus Rift platform doesn't appear to have attracted any real following.

The Go will have high resolution screen for the display, measuring at 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

Facebook is launching a new virtual reality (VR) headset which needs no separate PC to operate - but VR is lacking crucial components to make it a mainstream success.

Facebook-owned Oculus is one of the two giants in VR right now, alongside HTC with its Vive headset.

"This is a great opportunity - not only for businesses but for the long-term viability of VR", Oculus said. He didn't say when he wants to reach 1bn Oculus VR users but the company is working on several ways to offer less-bulky, lower-cost headsets like the new $199 Oculus Go.

Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra said that the company developed custom lenses for the headset, which allow for a wide field of view. What makes the Go special is the integrated spatial audio.

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The Go will start selling in early 2018 for $200 – half the price of a Rift.

The PC-only Oculus Rift was the first of the new wave of headsets but has been held back by a hefty price tag of £599. Since the Go is "binary compatible", everything that works on the Samsung Gear VR should work on the Oculus Go as well.

Oculus also showcased updates to its Santa Cruz prototype, including new positionally tracked controllers with six degrees of freedom that bring the power of Rift and Touch to the standalone category.

Recent discounts lowered the Rift's price to $399 at various times during the summer, a markdown Oculus now says will be permanent. Both of which are very important in the virtual reality experience. The headset was then known under the code name "Santa Cruz".

Companies including Qualcomm are developing VR-ready chips, Dubai is planning to utilize virtual reality by creating aquariums to replace traditional security booths, and VR apps are being developed for anything from gaming to healthcare scenarios, where we may one day see our surgeons, doctors, and nurses being trained through VR rather than more traditional methods as they learn about the human body. Oculus Dash is Rift's new interface that has been built from the ground up for Touch. Developers can even debug their VR apps while inside them, using Visual Studio, Unity, and Unreal. "The problem is you will be spending that money on a device that only does VR and nothing else".

Upgrades for Oculus Avatars was also introduced in the conference.

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