Rick & Morty Co-Creator Slams McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Promo

Following Roiland's tweet, Rick and Morty fans also urged the worldwide fast food joint to bring back the sauce.

Dan Harmon, co-creator of "Rick and Morty" was also displeased at the gesture since McDonald's never officially tied the promotion to the series despite taking advantage of how it popularized the extinct sauce. And on Monday, the company realized it needed to do more: The brand has promised to bring back Szechuan sauce in greater quantities, and to more locations, later this winter. Now McDonald's is speaking out and trying to make things right. This resulted in disaster, as stores were in no way prepared for the demand for the Szeuchuan Sauce, resulting in stores running out nearly instantly and being met with hordes of angry fans. And, this time they have promised to bring it back in more locations and with lot more of stock.

You can read the entire statement in the tweet above, but the part that will really get fans, both of Rick and Morty and the sauce itself, excited is the last part.

It's hard not to feel a little bad for Roiland, who created the Szechuan Sauce bit out of his personal obsession with the dipping sauce, and who was ecstatic when McDonald's sent him a jug of the elusive condiment.

He isn't alone in paying a high price for the very limited edition sauce that cause some fans to fly into a fury when McDonald's ran out.

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The statement didn't provide an exact date for the sauce's return, but it should go a long way to ease some of the anger fans had after Saturday's sauce fiasco.

In fact, the site set up to ostensibly inform fans of which McDonald's franchises would have the sauce was actually a list of locations participating in an October 7 poster giveaway - users navigated a series of drop-down menus to see if their city hosted one.

"This is the craze and it's insane" Marie said of the "Rick and Morty" fandom's love of sauce.

Hopefully this second coming of the second coming of Szechuan Sauce will go much more smoothly.

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