Landon Donovan: Time to Re-evaluate US Soccer

Landon Donovan: Time to Re-evaluate US Soccer

Arena's contract was set to run through July, after the World Cup.

Arena, who began his second stint coaching the usa last November when he replaced the fired Jurgen Klinsmann, told the Washington Post on Thursday that he will consider his options ahead of the 2022 World Cup. The USMNT is an end product, not a development platform, and can not solve any of U.S. Soccer's larger problems.

The United States men's national team did not miss the World Cup due to a lack of talent. "It's a much bigger concern, which is why I think the change needs to start at the top, because it's all the way down at the bottom where we're failing, which is developing players that are capable of bringing the the next level".

There is a certain type of American who, as he or she watched the seconds tick down on the USMNT's devastating loss to Trinidad & Tobago and, moments later, those in Honduras's stunning win over Mexico, felt a rush of self-important pride.

Any decrease in interest by American fans may have far-reaching effects for media partners such as Fox Sports, which is paying more than US$400 million (S$542 million) for the domestic English-language rights to the next two World Cups. While Kreis has more postseason success, he's six years younger than Vermes and may get his chance at the USMNT at a later date.

"What we have to do now is realize that it's over and, instead of finger-pointing and name-calling and the blame game, we need people in leadership positions to sit down and re-evaluate things and ask ourselves how do we prevent this from happening again".

SCA rejects Zuma's spy tapes appeal
On Friday, Judge Eric Leach read an excerpt of the SCA judgment, written by Judge Mahomed Navsa. Advocate Kemp J Kemp, counsel for Zuma, made the same concession.

"We certainly expected to qualify throughout the it's a huge disappointment for everybody - the players, the staff, the coaches, for the federation". It's going to be a time of change whether we like it or not and need to make them now. But under this current system, finding a Christian Pulisic, who had the right kind of coaching and was able to be discovered among the millions and millions of players, that too many people fall through the cracks and that person in Omaha, Nebraska who may have actually been more talented than Christian Pulisic, may have never even been noticed and is working retail or something.

"If we're arguing Jurgen versus Bruce, we're missing the point", Martino added.

Why wouldn't you go for this guy? US Soccer has eight licenses one must undergo if they want to be a top level manager. "Why is that US Soccer's responsibility? Players play in clubs", Arena told the Post. To the standing of the sport, to the development of the national team program, to the aspirations of the players.

It also pulls in players from not only the United States but other countries.

"We're not catching up with the big countries in the world just because of what we've been doing the last five years". But when it mattered most, the players looked as flat as they did during the 4-0 loss to Costa Rica that cost Klinsmann his job.

The growth in MLS academies should help build the needed depth and also create a system in which the United States is less reliant on 22-year-olds who have spent their formative years in college. It's hard for even world class talent to overcome being asked to play in a back three for the first time without being adequately trained in the system, as Klinsmann had the USMNT do against Mexico.

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