Mobile Limiting High-Speed Data in Canada, Mexico to 5GB

Mobile Limiting High-Speed Data in Canada, Mexico to 5GB

Once that 5GB limit is hit, speeds will be throttled down to 128kbps (or 256kbps if you have T-Mobile ONE Plus).

T-Mobile is going to limit LTE data further, and starting next month customers with T-Mobile ONE and ONE Plus plans only get 5 GB of guaranteed LTE data in Mexico and Canada.

After unveiling a new "Mobile Without Borders" deal in 2015 to all ONE and ONE Plus customers, you've been able to enjoy that oh so sweet LTE data overseas in Mexico and Canada.

The change from unlimited LTE in Mexico and Canada to 5GB/month is not a fun one.

If you run out of data, the speed will be reduced to as low as 128 Kbps.

If you are on a legacy plan with a high-speed data maximum (i.e. 4GB, 6GB, 10GB), your data allowance is shared across US, Mexico, and Canada, but you only have up to 5GB high-speed data in Mexico and Canada combined. In case you are on a T-Mobile One Plus plan, you will receive 256 Kbps after the data cap is exhausted. T-Mobile ONE Plus plan holders will see their data speeds slowed to 256Kbps, while T-Mobile ONE subs will have their speeds slowed all the way down to just 128Kbps. However, when you get billed again, it'll go back up to 5GB.

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The mobile carrier has announced that you can now call anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico and you will not be charged any extra, the calls will be part of your plan. You'll be even able to tap into your Data Stash in Mexico & Canada starting later this year.

The mobile carrier said that it wants to improve and make a decision to "prevent usage beyond the intent of the product".

The reason for this downgrade in data availability, according to Engadget, is that T-Mobile needs to pay heavy roaming costs in these countries.

While 5GB might suffice for a short trip, it is definitely not enough for long trips.

T-Mobile subscribers got some fantastic news earlier this week. Many hostels and hotels also provide free Wi-Fi.

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