Florida detective catches 9-foot anaconda barehanded

Florida detective catches 9-foot anaconda barehanded

No big deal. At least for Detective Emily Shaw of the Leon County Sheriff's Office in Tallahassee.

It was far from your typical call: A Leon County detective managed to wrangle a 9-foot-long anaconda this week.

Have a nine-foot anaconda slithering in your yard?

He continues to narrate during the clip as he says: "You think he got run-over?"

Officials say Shaw had experience handling exotic snakes, so she was the right person for the call. There were a couple of times where the anaconda appears to try to strike her.

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While she is attempting to lift the snake in the air it keeps jabbing at her. Shaw then slowly drags it to a duffel bag as the anaconda tries to curl its tail around her hand.

The massive snake is believed to be someone's pet that either escaped or was released.

"Our community's animals depend on you for help, so please donate whatever you can!"

They said the snake was found on the east side of Leon County near Louvinia Drive.

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