Humble Bundle is Joining Forces with IGN!

Humble Bundle is Joining Forces with IGN!

Humble grew out of a bundle of indie games sold to raise money for charity in 2010, and in the seven years since it has raised over $100 million for charity. "The Humble Bundle our audience knows and love will continue to operate independently from IGN, with our current awesome team", co-founder John Graham said in an email. Humble Bundle is now a digital distribution storefront all its own, offering seasonal sales that can compete with Steam and even a subscription service that gives subscribers new games every month. Now a subsidiary of IGN, the company will apparently go through minimal operational changes, but now sport a greatly increased reserve of resources. It will also have some support from IGN with the aim of accelerating growth and raising more money for charity.

"If it's not broken, don't fix it", said Galbraith, who explained that IGN started looking to make a deal like this almost a year ago.

"The idea is just to feed them with the resources they need to keep doing what they're doing", he said.

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With IGN backing it, Humble Bundle will be looking to branch out into game publishing as well.

Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham reiterated that sentiment. That shouldn't be too hard - Humble Bundle is already a very recognizable name among PC gamers, and with the kind of reach that IGN has, ramping up its fundraising goals shouldn't be any problem.

From Humble Bundle's blog post, it seems IGN will leave it to operate more or less independently.

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