'House of Cards' creator says he didn't know about Spacey's sexual misconduct

'House of Cards' creator says he didn't know about Spacey's sexual misconduct

One such person included actor and filmmaker Tony Montana, who told Radar Online that Spacey once groped him, grabbing his "whole package" while at a Los Angeles bar; Spacey then followed him into a restroom.

"It is alleged a man assaulted another man in 2008 in Lambeth. Netflix is not aware of any other incidents involving Kevin Spacey on-set", the company said. Montana said the incident caused him to suffer from PTSD.

A Met spokesman said: "On November 1 City of London Police referred an allegation of sexual assault to the Metropolitan Police Service". "It is alleged a man assaulted another man in 2008 in Lambeth".

Roberto Cavazos, who acted in several plays at the theater, wrote on Facebook on Monday that he "had a couple of unpleasant encounters with Spacey that were on the edge of being considered assault", adding, "There are many of us who have a 'Kevin Spacey story'".

He alleged he was offered a £5,000 (NZD $9,467) watch to keep quiet after the two-time Oscar victor flashed him and tried to make him touch his genitals.

Explosive accusations against prominent figures in show business and elsewhere have continued to pour in after a number of women accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. He alleged (translation via Vulture), "It seems the only requirement was to be a male under the age of 30 for Mr Spacey to feel free to touch us. In hindsight, that must have been grooming". In a statement, the two-time Oscar victor said he did not remember the encounter but apologised to Rapp and came out as gay.

The unnamed man, who was aged 17 at the time, said: "I was uncomfortable at best, traumatised at worst".

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Spacey was artistic director of the theatre for 11 years from 2004.

Since then, the hit Netflix show House of Cards, that sees Kevin as a lead player, announced that it will be cancelled after its current season sixth production, amid the allegations.

The actor allegedly groped a production assistant while he was driving a auto and later cornered him in his trailer.

Spacey has also denied he engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a separate 14-year-old boy, who claims the actor attempted to rape him.

The actor, pictured, is said to be "seeking treatment" after a string of men accused him of harassment. Spacey was 26 at the time, and Rapp was 14. While the two men were in the trailer, the production assistant says, Spacey cornered him, blocked his exit and made inappropriate contact with him.

"I have no doubt that this type of predatory behavior was routine for him and that my experience was one of many and that Kevin had few if any qualms about exploiting his status and position", he said.

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