Oh no! Prime Minister Abe tumbles into bunker during round with Trump

Oh no! Prime Minister Abe tumbles into bunker during round with Trump

The Japanese government already buys a lot of USA military hardware, Abe said, but he agreed that the country should "enhance our defense capability".

Trump's predecessor Barack Obama sparked a firestorm of criticism during one trip to Japan when he was photographed in an nearly 90-degree bow to the diminutive Emperor Akihito.

It is the "most attractive golf club", Trump said, "and the most handsome weapon I've ever seen, so I thank you for that".

In May, Mr Trump shocked the foodie world by ordering his $71 steak cooked "well done" and (gasp) smothering it in tomato sauce.

President Donald Trump lashed out Monday at the USA trade relationship with Japan, saying it was "not fair and open", as he prepared for formal talks with his Japanese counterpart. But some hawkish members of Abe's Liberal Democratic Party say that it may be possible to shoot down a missile headed toward Guam if it causes an existential threat to the U.S.as Japan's ally. He'll continue to make that case when he visits China, which is North Korea's biggest trading partner.

Trump pledged to work to return the missing to their families, intensifying the pressure on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by elevating these heart-wrenching tales of loss to the global stage in hopes of pushing Pyongyang to end its provocative behaviour toward American allies in the region.

Trump is accompanying her husband, President Donald Trump, on his first Asian tour, which began in Japan. He and Trump are to discuss trade and ways to pressure North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program - the same topics that topped his agenda in Japan, and will do so at his third stop, China, later this week.

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Analysts point to Abe and Moon's contrasting approaches to the crisis as an underlying factor, although both leaders will be hoping to press Trump into reaffirming Washington's steadfast commitment to their defence. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been engaged in an escalating war of words, with Trump repeatedly referring to Un as "Little Rocket Man" and threatening in a recent speech to "totally destroy" the nation, if necessary.

But in Japan, where grieving relatives of the abducted have become a symbol of heartbreak on the scale of American POW families, the government insists many more were taken - and that some may still be alive. Now that Abe is unchallenged until 2021, the potential for public-private partnership that is already characteristic of "Japan Inc." has never been higher.

One of the divers, 57-year-old Miaki Okumura, told reporters after the two VIPs left the shop: "I was asked how deep the waters we dive are, and how long I can hold my breath".

Ian Bremmer is president of Eurasia Group. Joshua Walker contributed to the article.

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"I want to further cement the bond of the Japan-US alliance, based on our relations of trust and friendship with President Trump", said Abe as Trump arrived.

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