EA hints at making Madden and Federation Internationale de Football Association subscription-based games

EA hints at making Madden and Federation Internationale de Football Association subscription-based games

Huge changes could be coming to EA Sports games like Madden, NHL and the Federation Internationale de Football Association series that will have a big impact on how we play sports games.

Wilson didn't hint at a timetable or pricing of said service, but he did understand why EA was continuing with its yearly game release.

Speaking with Bloomberg, EA chief Andrew Wilson hinted that EA might drop the yearly release development cycle for titles like FIFA, Madden NHL, and National Football League in favor of a game as a service model meaning instead of a yearly new release, players can pay a subscription fee to receive new content and upgrades.

"There's a world where it gets easier and easier to move that code around - where we may not have to do an annual release", Wilson told Bloomberg TV host Emily Chang on her show "Studio 1.0". Wilson compared the new subscription model like a "365-day, live service".

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Honestly, it's kind of surprising hasn't happened already, as the online infrastructure for this kind of always-online sports game has existed since last console generation.

Even casual gamers likely have noticed the industry's shift away from physical releases and toward digital releases in recent years. It saves on cost as publishers wouldn't have to make discs, saving on production cost.

That may be a bit of a shock for gamers who can schedule their calendars around the release dates of signature franchises like Madden and Federation Internationale de Football Association, but the influence of digital downloads and digital purchases acros the industry on PlayStation, CBox and now the Switch has led to companies like EA to evaluate their best possible plan of attack for their releases. This also includes selling additional content, which usually involves new gear, campaigns, levels, accessories and other in-game purchases.

The latter example is a fascinating proposition for sports games. We see titles like Madden and Federation Internationale de Football Association pushed out on a yearly basis and sell millions of copies each time. A lot of companies are moving over to online, subscription-based services, and the reception has been well.

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