Hulu is Nintendo Switch's First Media App, Available for Download Now

Hulu is Nintendo Switch's First Media App, Available for Download Now

With the Switch being a portable HD screen, streaming services would definitely be a welcome addition.

The news was initially revealed in Nintendo's weekly email, much to the confusion of fans who weren't expecting the streaming service to be a part of this week's update.

The next time you start up your Switch, you'll be able to download Hulu directly from the Nintendo eShop and immediately dive into the new, deeply personalized Hulu experience. The app will give them access to Hulu's traditional content library as well as the Live TV service which provides access to more than 50 top news, entertainment, and sports channels.

Hulu represents the first streaming service to land on the Nintendo Switch in the United States.

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Meanwhile, the launch comes after Nintendo earlier this year hinted that streaming apps were on the way for Switch. It does, however, set a good precedent for other more-worldwide services such as Netflix to come to the console soon.

The core service is available for $7.99 a month while the Hulu Live TV plan is available for $39.99 a month. In our view, these are not differentiators. We will put in the investment and develop for the platform.

More importantly, it means that other third-party companies that have poo-pooed the Switch in the past, saying it's simply "not powerful enough" for their games, have less of an excuse. Now the question is when they will be arriving. The proper sales figure for the Nintendo Switch a year from now would be very interesting to see.

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