Nintendo to Drastically Increase Switch Production

Nintendo to Drastically Increase Switch Production

Nintendo is not slowing down as more great games will be out in 2018.

Due to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch console, the gaming company is planning to increase production for the hardware next year.

This graph shows post-release Nintendo Switch sellthrough trends for the North American market. The console has also attracted the attention of third-party studios, receiving ports of Doom (out today) and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (out on November 17). According to Nintendo, from the Switch's March 3 release date to September 30, the console sold 7.63 million units. Combined with sales from its launch month in March, that will bring it to a total of almost 17 million units in its 13 months of availability.

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In a Q&A Summary of Nintendo's Financial Results Briefing for the second half of this fiscal year (October 2017-March 2018), Nintendo Representative Director Tatsumi Kimishima explains that Nintendo originally planned to produce 10 million Switch units this fiscal year (April 2017-March 2018). Still, if Nintendo could maintain a pace of 30 million or more units sold a year, that would seem to put the PlayStation 4 within striking distance at some distant point in the consoles' lifecycles, depending on how long each lasts. For context, the Wii U sold under 14 million units all told.

It's good to see Nintendo bouncing back from the commercial failure of the Wii U, a console that had its share of worthwhile games, but fell far short of expectations. But according to a new report, Nintendo is preparing to react to rampant demand for the console in a big way by massively upping its supply. Here's to hoping that alongside the tens of millions of Switches come a few Classics, too.

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