#BoycottKeurig trending after company pulls ads from Sean Hannity Show

#BoycottKeurig trending after company pulls ads from Sean Hannity Show

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore reiterated his denials Saturday against what he said were allegations of sexual misconduct, adding that "revelations" regarding the charges will surface over the coming days.

The Washington Post broke a bombshell story last Thursday, alleging that Moore has a history of sexual abuse and dating teenagers.

"We worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show". "We are adjusting our media buy to no longer include this show placement", read a tweet by Realtor.com in response to a tweet that was critical of Hannity.

Subsequently, three sponsors including Realtor.com, Eloquii, and Keurig, all dropped their advertisements due to the comments. Its announcement led to a #BoycottKeurig campaign from Hannity supporters, which became a trending topic on Twitter Sunday.

Moore denied the allegations during an interview and Hannity suggested that he deserves to be considered innocent until the truth comes out in its entirety.

Fox News has yet to comment on the matter and a representative was not immediately available for a reply. "The only people that would know are the people involved in this incident".

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You are now sponsoring Sean Hannity's show.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.

Media Matters helped pressure several advertisers into pulling their ads from "Hannity" over the weekend. Rich's murder remains unsolved. Some of the sponsors have pulled advertising in the wake of the criticism.

You probably should boycott Keurig, again, because of the mediocre coffee and awful environmental effects of all those pods that most people don't go through the trouble of recycling since you have to actually remove all the used up coffee grounds and aluminum.

O'Reilly made his first return appearance on Fox in September, when Hannity interviewed him.

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