Lyft heads to Canada with Toronto service

Lyft is planning to make its first trip outside the carrying passengers in Toronto.

Lyft is in 300-odd cities across the USA but has so far shied away from taking on its biggest rival elsewhere, and other upstarts outside its home market.

This year, Lyft ate into Uber's marketshare nationally causing the ride-hail behemoth's hold on the fall from 84 percent to 73 percent.

Lyft has always been trying to carve out an equal share of the American ride-sharing market, but has struggled to match up against rival Uber.

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The company has been US-focused and in many cases has avoided the controversy that swirled around Uber as its larger rival expanded to dozens of countries overseas.

Lyft announced Monday it would expand its service to Toronto in time to "help ring in the holidays". Lyft has repeatedly met with London regulators. It has also been expanding its partnerships including with General Motors and the former Google Car unit now called Waymo.

The smaller ride service, which started in 2012 and only operates in the United States, has expanded to more than 350 cities across 41 states this year and last month raised $1 billion in a financing round led by Alphabet Inc. The company says it is now worth $11bn.

Khosrowshahi was also upbeat about Brazil, where Uber has joined forces with other ride-services companies to block regulations.

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