Camera Battery Explosion at Orlando Airport

Camera Battery Explosion at Orlando Airport

New footage from the Orlando International Airport shows what happened during a scary incident that led to flight cancelations, delays and an evacuation of the airport.

A courageous security official grabbed a suspicious bag that began smoking at a U.S. airport and moved it away from crowds of passengers.

You can see here a TSA officer sees the backpack and grabs the smoking bag and runs away from people standing in line.

The incident, which occurred at the Orlando airport late Friday afternoon and captured on video, shows TSA officer Ricardo Perez grabbing the smoking bag and placing it between two pillars in a courageous attempt to avert disaster.

"There was a loud sound that startled people, but no shots fired, no danger to public".

Airport officials said they felt that law enforcement officers sized up the problem quickly and it has now been determined that the lithium battery that exploded was attached to a computer, not a camera.

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It is not clear who owned the bag.

Numerous people at Orlando International Airport Friday reported there was a panic caused by a noise initially thought to be a gunshot.

"I approached it, I radioed and then I picked up the bag and brought it over to that handicap sign over there in hopes that if it would go off, it would be able to have some of the shock absorbed by those two pillars". "And so I did what I had to do".

"No one could go to the airside until this was accomplished and gate areas were found to be secure", Brown said.

After an investigation, the battery responsible for the incident was reported to have been a camera battery, which is legal aboard flights.

It was a moment of chaos that sent people running following the explosion of a lithium battery that was inside a suitcase.

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