GameStop halts used game rental program before its launch

GameStop halts used game rental program before its launch

For $60, you'd be able to treat GameStop as a library, taking out one pre-owned game at a time, and after six months, you'd get to keep one.

"We are working through some of the program limitations we have identified to ensure the PowerPass subscription service delivers an exceptional experience for our customers", a spokesperson said in an email.

GameStop is temporarily suspending its recently launched PowerPass program.

Either way, the PowerPass program is now suspended and there's no word whether or not the program will be reinstated. It was a decent way to incentivize going to GameStop rather than just downloading all of your games. The employees were tasked with removing any signage and materials that made reference to the PowerPass program from their store.

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However, that is all in the past tense, because after a recent soft launch PowerPass has been suspended. At the end of the six-month period, they could keep any used game they wanted. If you planned on looking into PowerPass as a holiday gift, start looking elsewhere.

Update: Asked for comment, GameStop replied to Polygon with this statement. "W$3 e will allow [guests] to bring the pass, and video game they have checked-out, back to receive a full refund". In addition, we are allowing them to pick out any Pre-Owned video game for free.

GameStop's game subscription service is here, aaaand it's gone. Still, even in areas with poor download speeds or rampant data caps from ISPs, customers might be inclined to order new games from Amazon rather than go to a retail outlet.

According to a GameStop employee, there were "a few program limitations" that required the whole shebang to be shut down until they can be corrected.

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