Photo of cashier helping nervous man count change goes viral

"My heart was warmed at Walmart during lunch", Spring Herbison Bowlin said in a Facebook post. The man was apologizing as he continued to pull out change to pay for his groceries.

As the apologizing continued, a Walmart cashier soothed the man's nerves by counting the change together.

His hands and voice were shaking, and that's when the cashier literally took matters into her hands.

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That's when the cashier took his hands and dumped all of the change on the counter.

The cashier jumped in and reassured him that she was there to help. According to Bowlin, the cashier replied, "You shouldn't have to thank me, baby. What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another, '" the post reads. He then whispered "I'm so sorry" to the other customers waiting in line as he recounted the mound of coins. After the gentleman left, Bowlin thanked the woman for being patient.

Bowlin ends the post with, "I want to be more like her (the cashier)". "It wasn't a big deal to her because that's obviously just who she is". Bowlin said the exchange made her feel hopeful, adding it's a lesson we all can learn from. "(People) missed the blessing and honor of witnessing her kindness.

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