Tehama Sheriff's Office: Multiple deaths at school shooting in Tehama County

The shooter was shot and cleared by police. More than 100 law enforcement officials were there dealing with five crime scenes.

Three people were shot and killed Tuesday when a shooter opened fire near a Northern California elementary school, authorities said.

'We had multiple shots fired in Rancho Tehema, that evolved to multiple victims and multiple shots at the school.

Fox 5 in San Diego reports the shooting started at a home and moved to the elementary school. There are now 100 law enforcement personnel on scene.

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Three people have been confirmed dead and others have been transported to the hospital.

Tehama County Sheriff deputies are at the scene of a reported shooting in the area of Rancho Tehama in Tehama County at this hour. Rancho Tehama is southwest of Red Bluff.

Rosie DeOliveira, administrative assistant at the association, said that deputies have instructed the community to "shelter in place", stay indoors and stay low.

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