Applications open for Christmas assistance from the Salvation Army of Metro Detroit

Applications open for Christmas assistance from the Salvation Army of Metro Detroit

The Salvation Army relies on the money raised through the Red Kettle campaign to provide Christmas to local families in need and to safeguard the well being of the community through year-round programming and social services. A majority of funds raised come thanks to the event's Kettle Klash - a five-minute hectic scramble of volunteer teams racing around the room with Salvation Army kettles aiming to collect as many cash donations as possible. The goal for the 2017 campaign is to raise $525,000.

The Salvation Army Central Oklahoma Area Command will be kicking off the Angel Tree and Red Kettle campaigns at 10 a.m. on November 21 at Penn Square Mall.

"We have 66 opportunities for bell ringers between November 24 and Christmas Eve", Tracy Hebdon, SEICAA coordinator, said. "People come in for help nearly every day". The top two teams that collected the most cash were separated by only $10, with Kettle Klash teams "We Can Build It" ($16,262) and "Just Plain Nuts" ($16,252) coming in first and second, respectively, and "The Charity Belles" ($10,589) rounding out the top three teams from the chaotic dash around the tables.

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The first of those surprises will include a map of the vacant plot on the border, some new cards for the game, and other goodies. At last count, there were just shy of 80,000 chances left to donate, but they're going fast.

"When I'm at the kettle and people say "I'm so sorry I've only got a little bit of change", I always say 'If everybody felt that way and only gave a little bit of change, it would be incredible at how much money we could raise, ' " Roche said. "It supports us year round so we're able to help people and restore hope and dignity on a daily basis and help people out of the cycle of poverty".

As of November 23, kettles will be set up Foodland, Sobeys and Harbax Home Hardware in Glace Bay and beginning December 1, kettles will also be placed at Atlantic Superstore, the Glace Bay liquor store and the Sterling Mall. This year's goal is also $70,000.

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