Appointing a second special counsel could rattle Justice Department

Appointing a second special counsel could rattle Justice Department

In a House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions also said he would soon decide whether to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton's alleged mishandling of classified materials when she served as Secretary of State.

Jim Jordan, a conservative Republican, had peppered Sessions with allegations that Clinton, then-FBI director James Comey and the Democratic party conspired to undermine Trump.

The Washington Post reported Monday US time that Mr Sessions has directed senior prosecutors to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation and the controversial sale of a uranium company to Russian Federation when Mrs Clinton was secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Asked by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) whether he would appoint a special counsel to investigate Clinton, Sessions said no: "I would say it looks like there's not enough basis to appoint a special counsel".

"I have not been improperly influenced and would not be improperly influenced" by the president, Sessions said.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivers remarks about defending national security at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. Sessions is leaving open the possibility that a specia

It's alleged that the Obama administration only approved the deal after a US$145million donation was given to the Clinton's charitable foundation.

A day earlier, the Washington Post reported Sessions ordered top prosecutors in the department to look into these areas and report back to him, possibly to make the case for a special prosecutor. [John] Danforth took over that investigation as special counsel - and Mr. Mueller.

It would take a factual basis that meets the standards of the appointment of a special counsel. "Is it proper, is that what you're asking?" You can have your idea, but sometimes we have to study what the facts are and to evaluate whether it meets the standard that requires a special counsel. Sessions would not say whether the dossier was used by the FBI to obtain warrants to surveil Trump associates, nor would he comment on any hypothetical investigation into Justice Department leaks to the media about the dossier.

Now, a Justice Department letter dated November 13 says Sessions directed federal prosecutors to "evaluate certain issues" from the list of concerns and figure out if they warrant additional resources or a special counsel.

The line of questioning came weeks after Trump publicly called for the Justice Department to investigate Clinton, lamenting that the "saddest thing is that because I'm the president of the United States, I am not supposed to be involved with the Justice Department".

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