Bank of England reveals last day to use old £10 notes

Bank of England reveals last day to use old £10 notes

The Bank of England has announced that the old paper notes, featuring naturalist Charles Darwin, will no longer be legal tender after that date.

Retailers, banks and other institutions can refuse to accept the old-style notes beyond the deadline, although it will still be possible for shoppers to exchange them for the new £10 note featuring Jane Austen at the Bank of England. You can do it in person or send it to the address below.

The notes, featuring Charles Darwin, were introduced on 7 November 2000 but have now been replaced by a polymer version - which gives pride of place to author Jane Austen. New five (you can see the portrait of Winston Churchill on it) is the new variation of the banknote, also shows the higher level of durability, it is also cleaner than old-fashioned paper notes.

They contain special technology that makes them harder to forge, as well as new features that make them easier to use for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Ten pound note
GETTYThe new ten pound note is the first to feature raised bumps to help the blind

The old £10 note will expire next year. However the introduction of the new material caused some controversy when it was revealed that the polymer used contained traces of animal fat - or fallow - and were unsuitable for vegetarians.

At the time, many major banks and building societies confirmed that customers could continue to deposit old £5 notes after the cut-off date, so the same may happen for the £10 note.

Department NEX, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8AH.

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