Cards Against Humanity Is Buying Land to Block Trump's Border Wall

Cards Against Humanity Is Buying Land to Block Trump's Border Wall

The video juxtaposes a woman in a wheelchair falling down an escalator, a "White Lives Matter" protest and Donald Trump holding a screaming infant. Now, the cardgame wants the American public to get in on it - and it only costs you $15, wherein the card game maker will send you trinkets for your sponsorship.

The company behind the card game Cards Against Humanity is marking the holiday season with an act of unsurpassed charity: It is plotting a way to stop President Donald Trump from building his border wall. In the promotional material for the humorous card game's holiday promotion, "Cards Against Humanity Saves America", the folks behind the game make their political views abundantly clear.

The company claims they have purchased some land near the United States and Mexico border and in doing so have made it hard for Trump's promised wall to be built on that land without having his team do a ridiculous amount of legal work. "He is so afraid that he wants to build a $20 billion wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing", the website says. The first of those surprises will include a map of the vacant plot on the border, some new cards for the game, and other goodies. The company raised more than $70,000.

Cards Against Humanity is back at it again. Three years ago, the company bought a private island off the coast of ME, dubbed it Hawaii 2, and gave 250,000 customers a license to visit.

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Not content with dominating the politically-incorrect card game marketplace, Cards Against Humanity has taken aim at United States president Donald Trump, who it deems "a toilet" and has vowed to stop him in his tracks.

Cards Against Humanity said there were originally 150,000 slots and, as of Tuesday afternoon, less than 60,000 slots were still available.

At last count, there were just shy of 80,000 chances left to donate, but they're going fast.

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