Firefox's faster, slicker, slimmer Quantum edition now out

Firefox's faster, slicker, slimmer Quantum edition now out

The company uses its next-generation browser engine (Project Quantum) for improved performance. One major weakness of Firefox, relative to Chrome and Edge, is its use of sandboxing and process isolation to limit the impact that security flaws can have.

Firefox Quantum prioritizes the tab you're actively using - it downloads and runs before other tabs you have open in the background - and includes a new CSS engine called Stylo, which takes better advantage of multiple CPU cores that are optimized for low power consumption.

Until 2011, Firefox held second-place in the global internet browser market share behind Internet Explorer. Note that in the wake of opening the tenth tab, Quantum starts to give a squiggly stacking hint on new tabs. Developers have been tinkering with the test version over the past several weeks to let Mozilla know if there are any bugs or security holes prior to Tuesday's public release.

Mozilla says that Firefox Quantum will feel speedier when you browse your favorite websites, thanks to faster page loading, smoother scrolling, and a more responsive user interface. The redesign is part of a larger Mozilla initiative, called Photon, to unify and modernize the appearance of everything Firefox. Bryant is a fellow in Mozilla's Emerging Technologies organization.

On the Speedometer benchmark, the pre-Quantum Firefox release scored 45, compared with 70 for Firefox Quantum. Firefox claims that Quantum will be able to handle an equal amount of punishment while using 30 percent less memory than Chrome-a joy for all the tab fiends out there. Google will be the default option in Canada, the U.S., Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but that can be changed to your browser of choice.

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Here's a video that shows some of the changes.

Firefox 57 has been a long time in the making. If you can't read something now, you can add it to your Pocket and Quantum will notify you later to check what you saved.

The search platform Firefox works with is up to the end user - you can set your default, as always.

Firefox is free, as it's always been, and it can be downloaded by anyone with a desktop computer right now from Mozilla. Everything from the UI (now codenamed Photon) to the underlying browser engine (Servo) has been built new, from the ground up.

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