Henry Cavill brought his dog to interviews for 'Justice League'

Henry Cavill brought his dog to interviews for 'Justice League'

We've known that Batman (Ben Affleck) is torn up about the loss and that Cavill will be back for Justice League, but it hasn't been clear how that will happen. However, that clearly changes as, by the end of the promo, he's more than willing to beat the heck out of Apokolips' Parademons.

"Justice League" is the kind of production that, one suspects, its makers will celebrate the release of with a stiff drink.

The Justice League, from left, Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa. "And everyone watching this movie is going to identify with the "at the between" characters and the similarities between characters as well".

Though Affleck might be continually flip flopping on his decision to stay in Warner Bros. burgeoning superhero franchise given his current age, the DCEU star seems to be enjoying his time doing the promotional rounds for Justice League and now that the film releases on Friday, the actor's chose to let out the real reason why he chose to become the franchise's Batman.

The Israeli model-turned-actor made her debut as the beloved Amazonian demigoddess in last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, injecting some much-needed brightness into what was otherwise a rather dour affair. We feel the loss of that character in this movie because he's not present anymore. He also reveals that despite having only seriously played the Dark Knight in two movies, he is already considering when it's time to make a graceful exit.

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However, the consensus among those who have seen Justice League is that all of the heroes come off well, and the direction of the franchise is in good shape.

Batman, Wonder Woman and more. "I love the character, I love everything the character stands for", Cavill said. The making of the DC superhero team-up film "Justice League" was hardly any more tranquil.

When will Justice League release? Let us know in the comments down below! "He said what's great now is that the League gets to bring Batman out of this darkness".

"I'll give you a cool little thing that's not in this movie, but what Zack told me his idea for what he was doing for Aquaman", began Momoa.

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