Maronite Patriarch Arrives in Saudi Arabia

Maronite Patriarch Arrives in Saudi Arabia

On Tuesday, Yemen's airline said a commercial plane landed at Aden global airport after acquiring permits from the Saudi-led coalition.

Their faces painted the colours of the Yemeni flag or in traditional dress, protesters marched to demand the end of a blockade on the country's ports, airports and border crossings, imposed last week by a Saudi-led military coalition battling the country's Huthi rebels.

McGoldrick underscored that United Nations aid was the main lifeline for most of Yemen's population, seven million of whom are at risk of starvation. "I think it poses a critical threat to the lives of millions who are already struggling to survive".

He also said that the more the blockade tightens, the more the Houthis will develop their abilities to "respond to the assault of the enemy".

"The humanitarian impact of what is happening here right now is unimaginable", he told reporters in Geneva in a phone conference.

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While the language of the resolution calls to "increase efforts to adopt all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent civilian casualties and increase humanitarian access", it does not call for an end to US support of the Saudi-led coaltion attacking Yemen. Iran has long denied supplying rockets to the Houthis. Saudi Arabia and its allies have said the tightening of restrictions on Yemen is a direct response to a missile attack against Riyadh earlier this month, claimed by the Iran-backed Huthis.

"This import blockage will reverse those gains and leave millions of people in a very precarious situation as we move ahead".

The north of the country, home to 78 percent of the population, had 20 days' stocks of diesel, crucial for pumping water and fighting cholera, and 10 days' stocks of gasoline, with no prospect of resupply soon, he said.

Yemen's national airline said on Tuesday a commercial flight had landed at Aden global airport after acquiring security permits.

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