Nick Ferrari Asks Tory MP: Are You A Brexit Mutineer?

Nick Ferrari Asks Tory MP: Are You A Brexit Mutineer?

Meanwhile, the Telegraph's decision to plaster pictures of Conservative rebels on its front page - under the headline "The Brexit Mutineers" - has provoked a backlash.

He said it was tabled "without any collective decision-making within government ... and accompanied by I think blood-curdling threats that anybody that might stand in its way was in some way betraying the country's destiny and mission, and I am afraid I am just not prepared to go along with that".

The government said it wants an implementation period of around two years after Brexit - but insists Britain will be fully out of the European Union by then.

However, the idea was supported by Frank Field, a senior Labour MP and Brexit supporter, who proposed an exit date of 30 March 2019, an hour later than the government's amendment of 11pm on 29 March 2019.

But there have been hundreds of suggestions by MPs to change the way it is worded and the government only has a majority with the help of the 10 Democratic Unionist MPs.

Theresa May has hinted at further U-turns on the Brexit legislation, as she defended the right of MPs to oppose her in a "lively debate".

Parliament is involved in a lively debate as the Government seeks to enshrine the Brexit date into United Kingdom law.

Russians advance foreign-media steps
RT said on Monday it had registered as a foreign agent in the USA following a request by the Department of Justice. Head of RT Margarita Simonyan said that it was a forced choice between registration and a criminal case.

"It's not about frustrating Brexit, it's about getting the best economic deal for this country", he added.

In a weird twist, opposition Labour MP Frank Field proposed his own rival amendment to set the departure point one hour later at the start of March 30, 2019, but later withdraw it amid a lack of support.

The story was dismissed on Tuesday as "a blatant piece of bullying" by Anna Soubry, one of the MPs named in it, who said her office had been forced to report five threatening tweets made to her in the wake of its publication.

When Nick asked if he was trying to prevent Brexit, Mr Neill said: "Absolutely not".

The Brexit date amendment was unexpectedly published on Friday but MPs will not get the opportunity to vote on it until much later in the eight days of debate on the withdrawal bill, which are expected to be spread over at least a month.

But critics warn the European Union withdrawal bill - also known as the repeal bill - represents a power-grab by ministers, while others see the legislation as a chance to shape the prime minister's Brexit policy.

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