Despite ticket price falls

Despite ticket price falls

When it comes to admission prices, North End's cheapest season ticket price is £380 according to the study - six clubs in the division are more expensive.

The lowest priced season ticket at the John Smith's Stadium cost just £100, making it not only the cheapest in the division but the cheapest of any club in the top four divisions and only £1 more than two National League sides - Sutton and Woking.

The west Londoners' lowest-priced season ticket of £400 is the fourth highest in the Championship, with Birmingham City the best value at £230, while Norwich City have the most expensive at £500.

Football finance expert Rob Wilson, who works at Sheffield Hallam University, told the BBC: "These fans are the next generation of season ticket holders but they have been brought up in a sanitised and expensive environment".

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The majority of supporters buy their season ticket at the £295 price, meaning the club's most popular ticket is nearly bang on the average cost (£296.54) for the division in that category.

The poll also investigated how young people consume sport today, showing young football supporters are more likely to engage with the sport via a games console or computer (61%) than by playing in a team (37%), while a third (33%) play fantasy football. The clubs were also asked to provide the cost of a tea, a pie, a programme and adult and junior-sized replica shirts.

Adult (£45) and junior (£35) shirts come in below average for the division, despite both going up in price from last season. The cheapest adult shirt is offered by Burton for £39.99. The average price for a pie is £3.65 - up 4.58 per cent since last season. Tottenham has the most expensive at a whopping £8.60. The cheapest pie is available at Carlisle for £2.

- The average cost of a cup of tea is more in the Championship than in the Premier League - by three pence.

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