Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Get Scared Speechless In 'A Quiet Place'

Emily Blunt And John Krasinski Get Scared Speechless In 'A Quiet Place'

The movie trailer has been released for A Quiet Place, the movie partially shot in the city of Little Falls this fall.

In the trailer for the flick, which Krasinski also directed, the characters make nearly no sounds, using sign language as opposed to speaking, laying down sand to muffle footsteps, and only stepping on carefully marked floorboards that don't squeak.

One of the most striking things about this trailer is the way it builds tension without dialogue.

In the teaser, all that can be established is that a family living in the woods are suddenly terrorized by a supernatural force.

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"If they can't hear you, they can't hunt you" the teaser trailer enigmatically warns as it flashes through shots of the horrified, silent Blunt and Krasinski.

Krasinski directed this film, and it will reportedly have minimal dialogue through the entire script.

The trailer features a creepy wooden crucifix on a bridge, the family attempting to play Monopoly, and a fire starting when a lantern is knocked over.

A Quiet Place will be creeping into theaters on April 6, 2018. Andrew Form, Bradley Fuller, Michael Bay, and John Krasinki are producing, with Scott Beck, Celia D. Costas, Allyson Seeger, and Bryan Woods executive producing.

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