First Baby Born In US After Uterus Transplant At Dallas Hospital

First Baby Born In US After Uterus Transplant At Dallas Hospital

A woman gave birth following a uterus transplant for the first time in the United States, doctors at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas recently announced.

The woman in Texas was born without a uterus and was one of four women who received womb transplants at Baylor as of October 2016.

Dr Guiliano Testa, transplant surgeon and principal investigator of the uterine transplant clinic trial at Baylor University Medical Centre said it was a milestone moment in their work to solve absolute uterine factor infertility. It affects one in 500 women, where the uterus is nonfunctioning or nonexistent.

The only other place this has happened is at a hospital in Sweden, where uterus transplants have resulted in 8 births since 2014.

As part of this trial, Baylor University has completed a total of eight uterus transplants, including the mother who just gave birth.

"It was a attractive thing to watch", Dr. Giuliano Testa, the surgical chief of abdominal transplantation at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, told ABC News.

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Eight, including the new mother, have received the transplants so far.

"This birth and this boy is giving hope to all these women out there who have this type of infertility and that is truly an awesome thing", Johannesson said. It's the first time the surgery has worked outside of the Swedish hospital that pioneered the procedure.

While the doctors behind the Baylor study believe that their findings could eventually allow thousands of women to become pregnant, the child born in Dallas is only the ninth worldwide to be born to a woman after a uterine transplant.

It took months to ensure that the transplanted uterus would be functional and then many more to determine if the implanted embryo would prove viable, Dr. Tiffany Anthony said. As of a year ago, he had delivered five babies from women with donated wombs. The first four cases involved "altruistic" donors - unrelated and unknown to the recipients. Once a transplant is successful, in vitro fertilization is required to kickstart the pregnancy, as the ovaries are not connected to the transplanted womb. She had to have her transplanted uterus removed after coming down with a yeast infection.

The woman must undergo a cesarean delivery and because the organ is meant to be permanent, the woman has to take anti-rejection drugs after her first or second pregnancy to remove the donated uterus.

The group said it is convening experts to develop guidelines for facilities that want to offer womb transplants.

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