Capcom brings Okami HD's Amaterasu to DOTA 2 via Steam Workshop

Although the page has been up since early November, Capcom has officially put out an Okami-themed item on the Dota 2 Steam workshop where it has recently gained traction.

Amaterasu is a good dog.

A courier is a character in each game of Dota 2 that is able to walk or fly items purchased by a player to their owner.

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Fans can now vote for Amaterasu's inclusion into the popular MOBA. Steam users can go to the Steam workshop page as of now and vote on the courier to be added to the game. The poll campaign is already off to an incredibly strong start, which means it is very likely that Amaterasu could very well be the newest addition to the online game. Okami HD comes out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 12th December. If you're more of a League of Legends person, you can still enjoy Amaterasu's prettiness by playing Okami HD next week.

It's understandable why people trying to reach a PC, video games or "nerd culture" centric audience might turn to DOTA 2.

Okami is a gorgeous game and the art style hasn't been lost in the transition to Dota. Adult Swim Games brought over Rick & Morty character Mr. Meeseeks a few years ago. This means couriers are created to cut the time it takes for players to get items. Apparently, killing a rival team's courier could grant the player's team with a significant amount of gold.

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