Akash Dadlani Fails To Make Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde Patch Up

Akash Dadlani Fails To Make Arshi Khan And Shilpa Shinde Patch Up

Arshi is shocked to see Vikas supporting Priyank. Shilpa told him that her self-respect is bigger and she can never forgive Arshi.

The housemates have been given the task of babysitting.

Vikas makes it clear that he doesn't want to save Arshi's doll.

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Vikas convinced Puneesh to ensure that he won the task. Arshi was one of the Gharwalas who hadn't been able to become the leader of the house she had a habit of abandoning hard tasks and then spending a day in the Kaal Kothari as a punishment.

Hina said, "Khatam mere liye Hiten, he is a spineless man". "You are a loser", angry Hiten tells Akash.

In the 13-second video, Shilpa, Puneesh, and Akash are seen in the garden area and next what can be seen is that out of nowhere Akash, who is known for passing crass comments, especially towards women in the house, forcibly kisses Shilpa. Luv says he wants to go to the washroom, and Vikas and Hiten join him. Priyank who is a baby in Shilpa's pram tells her that he wants to be the captain. Irritated, Arshi says, she does not care about being a captain. Arshi tells Hina that Hiten wanted to make Vikas the captain. Luv was also present and he told everyone about his discussion with Vikas. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help. Puneesh is seen chilling with Vikas and Shilpa. Luv and Priyank then think about who will become the captain. Hina asks him what happened, and Priyank says he has no idea. Vikas told him, he would choose Luv Tyagi over Priyank if need be."Dogli baatein mujhe katai pasand nahi". Hina loses her cool and asks Hiten to fight and force park his pram, but Vikas stops him again despite his requests. Shilpa, however, refused. Arshi and Shilpa then launched into yet another fight hurling abuses at each other. She says, she is being forthright and can't scheme and plot like them. Vikas regrets his decision and apologises to Shilpa.

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