Movie theater chain in Olympia launches discount ticket club

Theater chains in particular got real spooked out by MoviePass, a subscription service startup which offers customers unlimited movie tickets at the impossibly low, low price of $10 a month ($7 during specials )-with some like AMC anxious it could drive down the price of tickets in the long run to disastrous levels. (The service does roll over unused tickets to future months, so subscribers can save their tickets from historically slow January and February for the blockbuster summer months.) Fans attracted to the all-you-can-eat approach MoviePass offers are likely to find themselves disappointed.

In fact, it's having enough of an impact that Plano-based Cinemark, which operates more than 500 theaters across the country, has launched its own competing service.

Cinemark Movie Club costs $8.99 per month and includes a single ticket to a 2-D film shown at any time of day at all area Rave theaters, as well as waived online fees. Mark Zoradi, CEO of Cinemark, told CNNMoney the club is geared toward millennials who are used to paying monthly fees for things like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify.

Zoradi said the company's been looking into a subscription service since the beginning of the year.

Trumpeted by the theater chain as "the first program of its kind", Cinemark's "Movie Club" doesn't go the movie-a-day or unlimited screenings per month route like MoviePass has.

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What do customers want in a movie theater subscription service?

At the time, AMC released a statement to Variety, calling MoviePass a "small fringe player", saying the company will lose money over time.

Do you love movies and live close to a Cinemark theater? Dedicated cinephiles could save hundreds every month in their film-going budget, and casual movie-goers had an incentive to head to the theater rather than watch on the home screen.

Cinemark customers can also upgrade their tickets to 3D, while MoviePass customers are stuck with 2D movies. But MovieClub from Cinemark is a sign that theaters are fighting back. According to the chain, the service they offer was crafted from customer research.

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