These are the top YouTube videos that went viral in 2017

These are the top YouTube videos that went viral in 2017

YouTube noted that its Top 10 ranked music videos included works from Puerto Rico, Colombia, France, Spain and Cuba in addition to the US and the United Kingdom, with six of those featuring Latino artists.

2017 also saw some major new records broken in music, most notably by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's massive global hit.

Each December, YouTube releases a "Rewind" video recapping the year in video. Every minute, more than 400 hours of video are shared on YouTube.

Fresh off yet another ad scandal, the video-sharing giant has spent the better part of the year dogged by criticism that it hasn't done enough to regulate where advertisers' placements end up.

The future of Latino artists the mainstream USA market remains to be seen, but it's obvious that our music continues to be more influential with every passing day.

Well, Ed Sheeran is the big victor by taking positions one and five on the top 10 music video list.

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"It was incredible, when we put the pilot up it was trending at number one for a week and it got a million views in like three days", Theo, 29, told AAP.

- This 12-year-old singing ventriloquist's awesome performance on "America's Got Talent". This time, it was his debut on James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke", in which we learned Sheeran could stuff 55 Maltesers into his mouth at one time and that he doesn't own a cellphone. Some material, like images of animal abuse, are acceptable on the site, likely because they might be posted to draw attention to the issue, but others, like a comment that reads, "Someone shoot Trump", are a no-no.

Check the full list of the top 10 most-watched videos of the year below.

- And finally, who could forget the time this professor's adorable kids crashed his BBC interview?

Wojcicki said YouTube was taking a "new approach to advertising", with more manual curation, stricter criteria for videos eligible to show ads, and a greater number of ad reviewers.

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