Intel launches a drone light show that dazzles above Bellagio

Intel launches a drone light show that dazzles above Bellagio

Drone light shows have become a pretty popular marketing ploy for companies like Intel, who can show off their sophisticated software platforms required to pull off synchronizations of this scale. Intel has always been proud of its drone-based light shows - including airing a (pre-taped) halftime show at the last Super Bowl. The innovation here? They're tiny and totally safe to fly indoors, above the heads of the audience. They can also locate themselves in space without the need of Global Positioning System.

The drones were performing to a special version of the song Stargazing, by Kygo.

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The Intel Shooting Star drone is now behind a number of light shows outside of those record-breaking events, including Disney Orlando. The brand had debuted at the halftime show at the last Superbowl with its drone-based light shows, seems to have now added a lot more to the latest device. The new Intel Indoor Location System powers the Intel Shooting Star Mini drones, which can navigate indoors without GPS navigation technology to create cool light shows. Even if you think that you can use these little drones as in-house drone toy, but that's not what Intel intends for them. By preprogramming a routine into the system and setting a swarm of them out into the air, you can enable Shooting Star Mini drones to be going out and follow the choreography. Intel says a single pilot can fly up to 100 of them at once. Just days into the new year, researchers revealed a design technique used in chips from Intel (as well as those from other suppliers including Arm) could allow hackers to access data from the memory on devices.

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