Starz Developing 'John Wick' TV Series Adaptation 'The Continental'

Starz Developing 'John Wick' TV Series Adaptation 'The Continental'

Named after the hotel where assassins come to kick back, relax, get a drink, and not murder each other, The Continental will be set in Los Angeles (not New York City, like the films) and "maintain the urgency of the action along with the dry humor from the John Wick movies". I don't know about you, but I'm damn glad this is happening, as I could use a weekly dose of Wick in my life (especially if Chapter 3 brings John's tale to a close, allowing him and his dog to finally rest in peace).

Starz is developing The Continental, a Chris Collins-penned drama connected to Keanu Reeves' John Wick film franchise. Chris Collins, whose resume runs from The Wire to Man in the High Castle, will write the series and serve as showrunner. Starz will retain domestic multiplatform pay TV and SVOD rights to the series, while Lionsgate will control worldwide, domestic distribution and home entertainment rights.

For well over six months, there's been talk brewing about a John Wick TV show getting spun off from the films.

However, the show, entitled The Continental, does take place in the same universe as the John Wick movies.

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"This is an opportunity to really engage in the phenomenal fan base that has risen up around the John Wick franchises", Albrecht said. Numerous key behind-the-scenes players from the film series are on board.

The Continental will be executive produced by the same team behind the motion pictures, so there shouldn't be any fear that the show will stray that far from the features. Also, Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the first John Wick film and was the sole director of Chapter two, will shoot the pilot. The show will focus on the unusual events that occur inside the hotel-for-assassins, The Continental, according to Deadline.

Though Keanu Reeves (who plays Wick on the big screen) is signed on as a producer, the television series won't focus on his character.

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