Zimbabwe's Charamba reveals soured relations between himself and Grace Mugabe

Zimbabwe's Charamba reveals soured relations between himself and Grace Mugabe

PROFESSOR Jonathan Moyo has defended his support for former First Lady Grace Mugabe, saying it the decision is not a criminal but just legal political choice "anyone should be free to make without being punished".

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF youth league has reportedly claimed that former president Robert Mugabe's nephew Patrick Zhuwao is "plotting sabotage voting" against the party in the forthcoming elections.

That was widely seen as a reference to Mugabe's wife Grace and supporters of her apparent desire to succeed the 93-year-old statesman - efforts that riled many in the military establishment.

President Mnangagwa is meeting all the chiefs from across the country as a follow up to a similar meeting held between the chiefs and Mugabe previous year.

Meanwhile people have asked questions on why Moyo sought media refuge from the BBC, a platform he constantly demonised and even banned from the country when he was the Minister of Information.

"First of all, it is not corrupt to support any particular politician to become any office holder whether its vice president, president".

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"We have a... constitution that the people of Zimbabwe made for themselves and it has been broken and it has been broken via a coup", he said.

"They have come into power via the bullet not the ballot", Moyo charged, adding that Zimbabweans "cannot be expected to embrace the most feared individuals".

It's unclear where Moyo is at the moment.

Since his resignation Moyo and his close allies have escaped into exile, claiming to have escaped assassination attempts by the military.

Two days later, Mnangagwa was sacked from government before he skipped the country, alleging his life was in danger.

Other reports say that the Zimbabwean government has written the Kenyan government to send Moyo back to Zimbabwe because it believes the former minister is in that country.

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