Google will use machine learning to predict flight delays before the airlines

Google will use machine learning to predict flight delays before the airlines

Google Flights is the company's own online system for finding and booking flights. The first uses machine learning to predict upcoming flight delays, and the second breaks down exactly what different airlines mean by "basic economy" - explaining what amenities are and are not included in so-called last class.

You don't need to do anything to get the delay predictions in Google Flights. Sometimes it's an annoyance, but other times a cascading level of delays can cause some major headaches for your travel plans.

Despite the new airplane delay predictions, Google still recommends getting to the airport early, and that it hopes "this information can manage expectations and prevent surprises".

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Now, Google Flights will show you what isn't included in the fare from the outset, across Delta, American Airlines, and United Airlines. Google said that it only flags potential delays when it's around 80 percent confident in its predictions. Google Flights will also show info when looking for a flight that'll definitely help travelers on a budget. With the regard to delays, Google Flights won't just be pulling in information from the airlines directly, however - it will take advantage of its understanding of historical data and its machine learning algorithms to predict delays that haven't yet been flagged by airlines themselves.

According to Google, this prediction ability exists independent of the airlines, meaning it can offer predictions even when airlines haven't made any such data available yet. That info is provided for flights with Delta, America, and United.

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